Norton Baptist Church

EC SiteBuilding Project

We are currently in the process of purchasing from Stockton Borough Council 1060 square metre plot of land on the former Education Centre site in Norton. Many local folk will be aware that this is where the church met for the first 23 years of its life and the entire site is being sold for housing development. SBC have agreed to sell us a plot within the main site suitable to put up a church/community building. This will be entirely at our expense so we are currently raising the money to buy the land which we have designated Phase 1 of the project. This first Phase will cost us £190K. Phase 2 will be the building itself.

This is an exciting opportunity for the church and will certainly help our various ministries in the community which are scattered over a wider area as we have to rent premises for them at present which adds significantly to running costs these days.   

Our weekly newsletter, Take 5, keeps everyone updated where the project is at as the back page is our regular updates page.