Norton Baptist Church


Christmas Day Service - 25/12/13

Just a few snaps of our Christmas Day celebration.

A Thoroughly Modern Christmas - 22/12/13

Our Christmas drama written by Fiona Barugh. Two performances that were written to make us think how the nativity might have happened in 2013! A lot of fun with a serious message! Note the photos are not all in order.

Little Bumps and Babies Christmas Party - 17/12/13

Toddlers in the morning - babies in the afternoon! Just 3 snaps but a great time was had by all!

Little Gems Toddler Christmas Parties - 17/12/13

Two parties back to back this year so we could celebrate with everyone. It wouldn't have been complete without a visit from Father Christmas!

Young at Heart Carol Service - 16/12/13

A few snaps of the Crooksbarn School Choir part of the service with a visit from Santa to the delight of the children. This was followed by a traditional carols service led by Ian.

Carols by Candlelight - 15/12/13

We decked out the hall with candles and although there was not many of us there, we enjoyed a great Carol service.

Christingle Service - 15/12/13

Our Sunday morning Christingle service in which we all made a Christingle and found out what is was all about!

Breakfast in Bethlehem Toddler Nativity - 14/12/13

Our special toddler nativity which transported us back in time to Bethlehem - except for the bacon sandwiches! The Christmas story told by the puppets with help from our 'nativity' toddlers!

Michael & James Nilsen's Baptism - 08/12/13 A special day for them and the church with our first baptism in The Hub.

Messy Church - 03/11/13

Our theme was The Garden of Eden and the Fall of Man! Now, how could we tell the story without a live prop? You only have to asp if you want a snake preview of what went on!

Natalie's Leaving Party - 31/08/31

After 15 months with us as our Youth Worker we say goodbye to Natalie as she returns to Texas. Thank you Natalie for all you have given to NBC and you go with our love and prayers for the future.

Holiday Club Day 5 - 16/08/13

Our last day! The theme was "The Bible helps us stand strong".

Holiday Club Day 4 - 15/08/13

Today's theme was "Trusting God helps us to stand strong". The story of Jesus' death and resurrection.

Holiday Club Day 3 - 14/08/13

The same theme as the minis but a lot more activity! There are some strangely posed pictures for the photo story board we have each day!

Holiday Club Day 3 Minis - 14/08/13

Our theme today was "Prayer helps us to stand strong" with Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the broken walls of Jerusalem.

Holiday Club Day 2 - 13/08/13

The same theme as the Minis but with our four regular "stations" - the tournament games; the imagination station; the Missions station and the Bible Story station. Plus, of course, Kingdom Rock eats!

Holiday Club Day 2 Minis - 13/08/13

Our theme today today was "Friends and Family help us to stand strong" with Queen Esther paying us a visit!

Holiday Club Day 1 - 12/08/13

The main holiday club for 5-11's. Same theme as the minis with lots of activities and fun!

Holiday Club Day 1 Minis - 12/08/13

The under 5's morning. Only a few "minis" today and the theme was "God's love helps us stand strong" with King David showing us a thing or two!

Holiday Club Preparation of the Hub - 11/08/13

Ou theme this year was "Kingdom Rock - Standing Strong!" so we decked the hall out as a castle! Here is how we went about it.

Messy Church - 04/08/13

Our Summer "old fashioned" games Messy Church on Norton Green with the theme of Jesus feeding the 5000. Lots of fun had by all!

Church Day out at Saltburn - 03/08/13

Only a brave few came to Saltburn but we had a picnic on the beach, some had a water fight in the sea and we all had ice creams in the park! Here are a few pics!

Church Keswick Week Away - 21st to 28th July 2013

21 of us in 3 houses plus others who sorted ther own accomodation went off to week 2 of the Keswick Convention and had a great time with lots of fun, fellowship, great teaching and worship plus a few other more daring adventures! Here are a few snaps of what some got up to!

Little Gems Teddy Bears Picnic - 16/07/13

Our final Little Gems Carer and Toddler session for Summer which was our teddy bears picnic. A fun time was had by all!

Ladies Afternoon Tea at Judith's - 13/07/13

Glorious sun, wonderful food and great fellowship in the tranquill garden of Chez Judith!

Messy Church - 07/07/13

The afternoon that Andy Murray won Wimbledon! We may have missed the tennis but what a whale of a time we had with Jonah! The lasagne was delicious too!

The Dedication of Kaylee, Sadie and Alisha Medd - 07/07/13

Our first dedication service in the Hub. A few snaps taken by Gillian of this great family service with lots of Neil & Gemma's family and friends sharing the day with us.

Men's trip to Shildon Railway Museum - 06/07/13

Only 5 intrepid men made it to the museum on a very hot day but we had a great time and it was followed by a great curry. Glad Gerry was able to make it on this trip.

Rounders Rematch against Billingham Baptist Church - 03/07/13

Well, we were beaten again and the new "Natalie Tabler" trophy went to Billingham but we shall retrieve it next year! A fun time was had by all followed by hot dogs and American cheesecake!

Church BBQ - 28/06/13

A few snaps taken by Gillian of the church BBQ at Derek & Moira's.

Cafe Church - 09/06/13

A few snaps of David & Christine Dobinson with us for cafe church.

Messy Church - 02/06/13

Our theme was Daniel in the Lion's Den so if you want to see Geoff with the face of a lion, here it is! Lion burgers were served afterwards!

Men's 3 Village Evening Walk - 09/05/13

A few snaps of our evening 5 mile circular potter from Thorpe Thewles via Stillington and Whitton, and the local watering hole to refresh the parts that needed refreshing! Heavy rain was forecast but it stayed dry until we climbed the last hill into Thorpe! There were only a few of us but we had a great time!

Cafe Church - 14/04/13

Our first Cafe Church on the theme of "Living Water". The children's group were running in The Forge. There were 19 of us altogether so lots of room for others to come along and join us.

Messy Church - 07/04/13

Our theme today was "Fishing with Jesus" so all things fishy! We played games as well as having three crafts on offer. All followed by fishcakes and chips!

First Sunday Morning Service at The Hub - 07/04/13

Not many of us there but three photos for the record of our first Sunday morning 10.30 am service at The Hub. The children adn young people are in their separate groups.

Men's Ironstone Mine Trip - 06/04/13

A small group of men had a day out at Kirkleatham Museum and the Ironstone Mine. Here are a few snaps of the mine trip.

Easter Sunday - 31/03/13

A triple celebration! Easter Sunday - Jesus is Alive! Our last service at the Education Centre before we relocate to The Hub and our 23rd Church birthday. It was also Mikey's 21st birthday as well. It was great to see so many folk who had been part of NBC in previous years. A great morning together!

Men's Weekend at Keswick - 8th to 10th March 2013

A few photos of our men's weekend - one of Tony's 23 mile walks for some! Coffee and cakes for others! And a visit to the illusion museum as well! It was a great weekend and a big thanks to Helen and Stephanie who served up fantastic food.

Messy Church - 03/03/13

A visit from the not-well-known Roman Centurion, Colin Maximus Laverus, who told us the Easter story from his perspective. Not a man to be messed with but another life changed by Jesus! All followed by (no horse) lasagne!

Messy Church - 03/02/13

Our first birthday celebration continuing with the theme of 'New Beginnings' looking at the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus. A man who had a new beginning! The last picture depicts the effect of messy church on two of our senior helpers! But they do a sterling job!

Messy Church - 06/01/13

A few snaps of our first Messy Church of the New Year on the theme on 'New Beginnings' and we looked at the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Official. Sadly our chariot wheels fell off but it was a sterling effort by the construction team! Shepherd's Pie and Apple or Rhubarb Crumble as well!