Norton Baptist Church


Men's Weekend Away at Seahouses - 17/09/10 

Some of the men went away to Northumbria for a weekend together! We enjoyed archery, walks, trips to Holy Island and Bambrough castle as well as the local hostelry. We even had a few meetings as well! 

CTIN Norton Summer Mission (see links below) - 24-30/08/10

Kid's Holiday Club Pics

Youth Events Photos

Free Village BBQ

All the churches in Norton got together for a Summer Mission involving a children's holiday club, young people's events and a free village BBQ for 500 people complete with buckin' bronco and bouncy castle. A great time was had by all!

Church Week at the Keswick Convention - 31/07/10

Although there were probably about 25 of us from church there for week 3 of the Convention, 12 of us took over the Bridgedale Guest House and Tea Rooms for the week. We had many visitors (!) during our stay but had a fantastic time together. Here are a few photos on what we got up to!   

Church BBQ at Derek & Moira's - 14/07/10

Catering for 65! The rain just held off whilst we had our bangers and chicken legs but then the heavens opened! Nevertheless, a great time was had by all!  

Poplars GT3 Group Trip to Richmond - 07/07/10

A church trip to Richmond for lunch at the old Station and a walk by the  river. Not much water flowing today mind. We had to finish with an ice cream of course!

Children & Young People taking the Sunday service - 04/07/10

An amazing service involving the children and YP, plus a few oldies, organised by Alan and the team which included presentation certificates for all them.   

Meeting Kamil and Cathy in Ephesus - 19/06/10

Ian and Heather met up with our missionaries, Kamil and Cath Moussa, in Ephesus, Turkey, whilst they were on holiday. Here are just a few snaps of them together.    

David, Fiona, Tom, Mark & Gian's Baptism - 13/06/10

Five folk were baptised by Ian and Alan in a special baptismal service.

Poplars GT3 Group Trip to Saltburn - 09/06/10

A very wet day so lunch by the sea instead of the usual walk on the pier! 

Men's Trip to RSPB Saltholme Reserve - 24/04/10

A glorious day for a guided tour of the RSPB nature reserve at Saltholme. Some took the car there but others cycled - inlcluding 9 year old John-Luke! 

The Bowes Loop and Baldersdale Walk - 17/04/10

A 16 mile stroll in a big loop round Bowes taking in part of the Pennine Way, Deeppdale, Baldersdale and a few other features. The weather was great for April but the wind a bit biting at times.

Visit of Andy and Jutta Cowie - 08/04/10

Our new BMS link missionaries popped in to say hello at a joint open house with Portrack Baptist Church. They go to France shortly for a year of language training and then on to Guinea.  

Easter Monday Church River Tees Walk - 05/04/10

A family walk along the river Tees from Stockton to Preston Park and back. A bit muddy in places but the rain stopped and our picnic in the park was in the dry! 

Kimberley's Baptism - 04/04/10

Easter Sunday was the occasion for Kimberley's baptism in glorious April sunshine! The water was lovely and warm!

Church 20th Birthday on Easter Sunday - 04/04/10

Easter Sunday was also the church's 20th Birthday celebrations as well as Kimberley's baptism and a celebration of Jesus' resurrection. Hannah F. made the birthday cake - well done Hannah! 

Gilling West Church Walk - 11.34 miles or so! - 06/03/10

The 'or so' turned out to be 1.34 miles beyond the planned 10 so not too bad really! A great circular walk from Gilling West with a bit of snow hiding in the forest.

Ninth Hour - 28/02/10

The young people went across to Newcastle for the Ninth Hour celebration.

Men's Snooker Night - 25/02/10

An evening of snooker at Thornaby Snooker Club for the men involved in the Men's Ministry. No 147 breaks tonight though!   

First Winter Hike of 2010 - 30/01/10

A 15 mile circular 'stroll' from Slapewath along Cleveland Street and the Cleveland Way via Saltburn - and it was just a bit cold on the day! Nevertheless, these hardy folk took it in their stride and had some fun in the snow and on the ice (this was the day that we discovered Dave has mad streak - so he will fit in well at NBC!). Mind you, knowing that the cars were parked up adjacent to the 'warmth' of the Fox and Hounds spurred them on the last few miles!   

Men's Big Breakfast - 23/01/10

Some may consider it fitting that the first photos of the year involve food! Some of the men got together at Colin & Helen's for a January full English - but we have to confess it was cooked by Helen who did a stirling job! The cry has already gone up - 'Shame on you men!' but we have dulled our ears! Colin - did you have 2 breakfasts?