Norton Baptist Church

A little bit
about us ...

Our Parish - where we serve

We see NBC as a local community focussed family church with our 'parish' being the Norton area of Stockton-On-Tees, though we currently meet on a Sunday morning in Roseworth, an area adjacent to Norton. However, we have quite a number of church folk who live outside this area in other local places but who have made NBC their spiritual home. We also have a very active overseas missions programme at the heart of our church life which adds a world dimension to our local focus.

Family ChurchOur Church 'Family' - who we are

The church comprises people who not only attend our Sunday services regularly and/or are formal 'members' of the church, but also those who attend our midweek activities and ministries and desire to be part of the wider NBC family.  The church is the people and not the buildings so relationships are very important to us. Although we know there is a serious eternal side to the Christian life, we also believe as a church in having fun together and 'living life to the full' (John 10:10) as Jesus taught, but importantly, with Him at the centre of everything we do. Hence, whether we are young or older, single or within complex relationships, family and community life is very important to us.  

Messy ChurchOur Style - how we do things

Our worship style is modern and contemporary and in the past has differed in style when we were running different 'expressions' of church such as Messy Church, Celtic Church and Café Church. At the moment these fresh expressions of church are not running but they may well be restarted when our building project is complete and premises are more readily available. We encourage all those who are part of the church family to be involved in the life of the church and to share in the work of the Kingdom of God using their gifts and passions. We see serving together as a team activity so there is a place for everyone, even if you are still seeking to know God or full of doubts.  

Our Wider Church Family - the relatives!

We are a member church of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and our regional Northern Baptist Association, and we are also involved with other local churches in Norton through Churches Together in Norton (CTIN).

Our Baptist 'family' overseas mission organisation is BMS World Mission and we are involved in overseas missionary support and mercy ministries both with BMS and several other mission agencies. 

Our Birthday!24th Birthday Cake

The church celebrated its 25th 'silver' birthday on Easter Sunday morning in 2015 and our History page tells you a bit more of how the church came to be!