Norton Baptist Church

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GT3 Groups are our church small groups that meet together mid-week and form the backbone of NBC. They are called GT3 groups because of their 3-fold purpose:-


We encourage everyone who is part of the church to join a GT3 Group as it will help you grow and mature in your faith, and provide opportunities for you to develop your passions and gifts. They also form our main pastoral care network by providing support to their members.

GT3 groups also have an outward focus (the GO element) and engage in mission, service and other mercy ministries together.   

All the groups are different in style and meet at different times and in different places, so it is a case of finding one which works for you. If you would like to join a group then please speak with one of the church leaders, staff or Pastoral Team. Details of when the different groups meet can be found in the Notice SheetCurrently all four of our GT3 groups meet via Zoom every Wednesday, at different times.